Recon Systems
We supply second hand computers in the Caernarfon and Bangor area

Reconditioned Laptop and Desktop Computers

Our ace in the hole has to be that if there is ever a repair that is not economically viable we can offer you some fantastic deals on refurbished computers whether you want a complete desktop system or a laptop.

This isn't like buying a second hand computer from a friend of a friend or some unseen seller on the internet.

Each of our machines is:
  • Professionally cleaned inside and out
  • Thoroughly tested to reduce the chances of any problems
  • Professionally Data Cleansed (all previous data removed so that it cannot be recovered)
  • Made by manufacturers like DELL and RM who make very high quality desktop and laptop computers for schools and government
We are so confident that these machines are of the highest quality that each unit sold includes a FREE 3 month hardware guarantee which basically means that if a component should fail we will replace it with no argument.

We are very interested in having happy customers who feel comfortable to call us with any questions so even out of warranty we will do our level best to make sure you are happy with the service that you receive.